Friday, August 17, 2012

Maktab al tahrir fi khabar jadid*

Ads: ArabAd archive
Remember when I told you the story about "Voix du Liban" and how one sentence eventually reclaimed it? "Sawt al hourriya wal karama" (the voice of freedom and dignity). Well, now I managed to get those two ads (from the early 2000s id) for that radio station. The first says "houna sawt Loubnan" (this is (where) the voice of Lebanon (is)), the second talks about their famous news broadcasts timed at the quarter of the hour "7 and a quarter, 8 and a quarter, 2 and a quarter, 5 and a quarter, 7 and a quarter... News and a half" - in Arabic when "and a half" is added to anything it means "in all veracity" or even "with so much more"...

PS: The title of the post means "the editorial room in a new development" - which is how their news flash would erupt when a developing story was breaking. 

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