Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Insert stupid #hashtag

J. Crew was selling shorts with hashtag symbols on them.
There was a baby called hashtag.
Instagram and Twitter are all about using the trending hashtag.
Brands adopted hashtags.
Every other imbecile who works in advertising stuffs a hashtag on their billboard.
I have counted 13 different campaigns with hashtags on them from Jounieh to Beirut, maybe the count is erroneous and there is more than that number, but when 13 different brands tell you "to join the conversation" or "be part of the trend" or just simply insert the bloody thing instead of their headline in your face, you know - you know - that a point of saturation has been passed and that no one really gives a damn about being directed to use those idiotic brand fillers any longer.
So there, now you know what I think of your stupid branding hashtag.

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