Monday, August 31, 2015

The good old days of 2015, says 2060.

Mercedes 240D Beirut 1970 (by Tarek Chemaly)
Sorry it took me so long to hit me, but we are living in a perfect age and the #livelovebeirut people were right all along. Sorry I was too cynic to realize it. To refer to the Leibniz theory that all is going for the best in the best possible of worlds, then here we are. 2015 is an awesome year for Beirut and Lebanon at large.
The proof? 1970 of course.
We always refer to that period as the golden age, have a crisis of nostalgiosis any time we encounter a photo going back to that period, rummage thrift and vintage stores for leftovers, and purchase vinyl records to play on our Dr. Dre headphones (hmmm, sort of).
For Beirut it was such a perfectly magical year, it was 2 years after the Israelis bombed the airport and the Fidais were escalating their work and brining it from the border inland making Lebanon both - a confrontation nation with Israel and a substitute for Palestine (how cool is that?) - but surely, postcards with women doing water ski and cancan dancers in clubs cannot lie, can they?
Income inequality was so staggering that the middle class was the exception rather than the rule, and poverty - outside the walls of the Phoenicia and the Saint George Yacht Motor Club - was rampant but unseen, the country moved at two speeds - that of a donkey and of a Rolls Royce at the same time.
But it doesn't matter, the backdrop was always filled with swanky mid-century modernist architecture, women were sunning in branded bikinis and going out at night in couture gowns. That was the life man, the real #livelovebeirut - even before the word.
So there, my evidence is clear, 1970 was a great year, and 35 years from now, 2015 will appear to be a great year in retrospect for those living in Lebanon (if it still existed) in 2060.
I apologize once more for not seeing this self-evidenced truth previously. 2015 is such an awesome year.

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