Saturday, July 25, 2015

Suing me will not shut me up!

Artworks by Fady Chahine
Let me be clear from the start, suing me is not going to shut me up. If anything it will make me more vocal. The "plaintiff" in my case (whose name I will not mention since I signed a paper at the cybercrime bureau not to mention his name on this blog till after the trial) is constructing a convoluted scenario. For him, I am just a side dish - he wants to use me to prove that his former employer is using me as a "fa├žade" (me and my blog that is) to get back at him since the said employer is already suing the plaintiff for embezzlement (which is theft). 
Let me assure you, my IQ is 129 (one level down from 130 which is "genius") so I am not dumb enough for anyone to use me. Not only that, I have no contact whatsoever with his former employer, nor am I aware of where their offices are located, nor do I care about the other trial. Half of the questions I was asked at the cybercrime bureau had to do with the plaintiff's other trial and I knew that the cybercrime bureau was trying (most likely with the help of the political strings the plaintiff pulled) to prove a connection between me and the plaintiff's former employer.
What the plaintiff does not understand is that he already lost the case.
If the court, with the help of my substantial proofs, will agree why I called him thief (which he considers as defamation) then I won the case. If it doesn't, the plaintiff will be tried in the court of public opinion because I am going to release those proofs online and he'd lose the case again.
If his former employer wins the case, embezzlement is theft, so this substantiates my own claim and if the verdict in the other case comes before mine then this proves my own claims. If it comes after mine, I will ask for a retrial and use the other verdict to make sure that my own calling of him as "thief" was correct.
No matter how you flip it, turn it, or look at it - he lost the case.
The artworks above, by my former student and current friend Fady Chahine, have to do with the acronym NTSC that this blog is very linked to (whereas originally it meant Never Twice Same City, we toyed around with it to make it "Never Try Stealing Concepts") the funky line is a sentence said in funerals in Lebanon "may God compensate you with the rest of you life" which has been transformed into "may God compensate you for what's left of your career".
Let me be clear again, if you earned a salary from a company, you cannot use the concepts you came up with during that tenure if they were unsold and sell them again to a client (same or different) after you left because the intellectual property of that idea belongs to the employer who paid you. If you do that, then this is theft. If you see a concept done by someone else, you cannot reuse it because that is theft. Copying a TV ad frame per frame is theft.
Ideas are sacred, it is not because they are untouchable that they become free for everyone to borrow. If you steal a physical object, society automatically condemns you as a thief, if you steal something intangible and untouchable, then the territory is murky. It should not be. Stealing an idea makes you a thief. Period. I am a staunch defender of ideas, I respect them, and I hold them dear...
So to sum it up: Suing me will not shut me up.
It will make me even more vocal.
Live with that, or as those visuals clearly say, let your career die with that.

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