Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lebanese Army 70 years - a brilliant ad

To those who sue me for defamation, here's my clear answer: Brilliant ad for the Lebanese Army for its 70 years. Pity I am forbidden by law to mention your name (see the drawbacks of accusing someone at the cybercrime bureau?), for I would like to give you credit (but cannot - irony of all ironies!). "The common denominator" says the above visual with colors of the major Lebanese parties in the color bar, "the common aggregator" says the one below with the camouflage of the army reworked in the above-mentioned colors. Very neat and efficient way of expressing it for the 70 years of the Lebanese Army (which will be on August 1st). So you see, come up with a great ad I shall congratulate you, nothing personal. Am not siding with anyone against anyone! Keep on doing great ads, and I shall keep saying they are good!

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