Monday, June 29, 2015

Regarding the anti-gay # trending ( #تعوا_نتمسخر_ع_اللواط )

To those of you who love Lebanon unconditionally here's a newsflash! There is a serious anti-gay hashtag trending on twitter #LetsMakeFunOfTheHomos which is a translation to the #تعوا_نتمسخر_ع_اللواط going on there. Yes, that lovely "piece of heaven" (ot3et sama) actually thinks it has nothing better to do that to mock people because of their sexual orientation. Yes, I have written about this before, but you know what, the idiots out there still did not catch the message. It is people who are afraid of their own homosexual orientation who become homophobes, studies have proven that - scientifically. So there, a hidden homosexual is a homophobe. I would have said "f**k you" but that would give them too much pleasure according to science.

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