Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mjadara: McDonald's vs Beirut Beer

Photo credit Georges Rahme, original research Deborah Phares
When McDonald's came up with this ad I forgot to mention that Mjadara a dish which is based on lentils and rice is a perfect alternative for meat-abstaining Christians during lent and that Shrimp burger makes a suitable alternative to it. I mention this because creatively the idea of mentioning mjadara was spot on creatively. Today, a new ad for Beirut Beer started circulating. The ad follows exactly the same idea of " "what, Mjdara every day?".... Except the alternative is drinking a different beer than the one you are used to (could it be Almaza?). Anyhow, the ad is beautifully directed by Samir Syriani and the creative director is Nathalie Masri. Whereas I whole heartedly support creative directors working outside the realm of the agency system, but Nathalie's name was embroiled in a previous did-she-didn't-she quid pro quo concerning Buzz energy drink which makes of this her second strike in the grey area of repeating ideas already done (no, there are no 50 shades of grey as this could be a copycat or a bad case of research or whatever other factor, but the result is the same - a repeat of something done!). I am trying to be supportive of independent talents here, but... I do feel uncomfortable more and more as to the same coincidence of linking certain people to ideas already done.
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