Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Buzz: Nothing should stand in the way of a good theft

Research credit: Fady C./Miled I.

"Nothing should stand int he way of a good time" says the ads of Buzz on youtube, yes, not even ethical considerations and stealing. Mabrouk!

This just in from Nathalie Masri one of the co-creators of the Buzz campaign. I am publishing it out of fairness and even-handedness and her natural right to reply:

My name is Nathalie Masri and I am the freelance creative behind for Buzz campaigns. Although, the work is a result of a group effort of highly skilled people, the concept responsibility lies with me and this is why I am contacting you directly in the hopes that you'll share my message:
Today, the Mello Yello ad was brought to my attention. I was as shocked as all of you to see it, especially as it was the first time I come across it. It also seriously disturbed me as I value creativity and originality above all else. I unfortunately cannot think of a way of proving it was not copied and that it is a matter of creative coincidence.
That being said, I do believe the Buzz campaign's success is not linked to the classic "wrong, wrong, right" format, nor to one classic "international" scenario between a couple at a pub, but because of the relevance of the lebanese insights that made the whole campaign.
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