Sunday, August 10, 2014

Milton Glaser: I ♥ Earth

Milton Glaser
He gave us 'I ♥ NY', now Milton Glaser is putting his touch on a logo for global-warming movement, according to glaser the logo is " "symbolically, the disappearance of light" in addition he sees it as "(e)ither Earth is dying or it's beginning to grow again. My preference would be that it was beginning to grow again, but for the moment I have no evidence of that." The logo is available in a set of 5 pins (for $5) the proceeds of which go to print more pins so that the maximum amount of people who would be wearing to sensibilize "the masters of the universe" (according to Glaser) to take action.
Do note that the United States has a significant portion of its citizens who deny that human actions have anything to do with climate change mostly calling it a "liberal hoax" and other such terms. So simply acknowledging the fact that global warming is happening is a big thing in itself. Not everyone however is seeing the campaign positively from a media angle and the way the website is presented does not help much with a hashtag like #itsnotwarming unfortunately a lot of people won't understand that the rest of the message is that "it's dying" and might stop there in their interpetation of the campaign which could seriously backfire.
Actually, technically and scientifically the slogan is misleading - earth will be fine, it's the species on it that will disappear.

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