Sunday, August 10, 2014

Aizone has a hit on their hands.

I heard several comments on this ad already, "ugly" is one of them. However I tend to really like this one - the punk rock edgyness to it is undeniable. The over-the-top ambaiance, the in your-face-attitude all combine to make it very much the Aizone spirit (sure, you'd be shelling a lot of dough to appear as if you were a "rebel" and fighting the system, but then the concept of high fashion masquarading as street clothing is all about that).
I think ever since Sagmeister and Walsh took over the reigns of the Aishti/Aizone account, the resuts were very consistent - strange-odd-incomprehensible for Aishiti, pop-rebellion influenced-stricking for Aizone. Maybe the fact the Sagmeister and Walsh do not know the Aishti consumer per se is what makes them go in these directions (on the economic level it is indeed the same people who shop at Barney's or Saks but on the socioeconomic level the equation becomes very different). Naturally, all those strange and pointless ads never stopped anyone from purchasing from Aishti, which perhaps goes to show that good or bad advertising the brand is now so established it is immune to such pitfalls.

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