Thursday, August 7, 2014

Aishti goes all Carmen Miranda

Composite image - Aishti ad and Carmen Miranda
Good news for Aishti, their site is now up, bad news for Aishti they've gone all Carmen Miranda. Upscale Carmen Miranda but Carmen Miranda nonetheless, and no, it's not comparing apples to oranges at all - pardon the pun, or it could be that Sagmeister and Walsh went bananas on this one, or whomever approved of this from the client side is a fruit cake... OK, fine, I am pushing it, the ad is OK - neither good nor bad, just... irrelevant perhaps.
Carmen Miranda was famous for feisty style and fruit hats, my introduction to her came from an episode of Quantum Leap where Scott Bakula lept into the south during a beauty pageant and this was his talent segment (singing Cuanto la gusta by Carmen Miranda). To save the day.... he ends up signing Great Balls of Fire (and thereby promoting Darlene from third place to winner).
Fun fact, singer Carole Samaha, who now pretends to speak bad English on twitter, while we were shooting a movie together in 1996 (a graduation project for a friend) picked up a fruit bowl, put it over her head and said "I'm Carmen Miranda" (and that's of course, before dumbing herself down for the purposes of the masses).

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