Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Aishti's new collection: Futuristic, monochrome, and lettering emblasoned.

Forget other fashion (sorry, "lifestyle") bloggers! Beirut/NTSC has the scoop on the new fall collection dropping at uber fancy (and super over-priced) swanky Aishti store. The new collection promises to be futuristic (plenty of coding!), monochrome (damn it, forget what everyone is saying but "black is the new black"), and typo-filled (seems lettering is very strong to make fashion statements this upcoming season).
And how on earth did I get to this? I just logged on to aishti.com a few days back to - dear me - look for their newest ad campaign, and the site was down. So I thought it must have been just me. Then I kept logging back on out of curiousity, and the site still exhibts the above image (which is either avant-garde art from the Elham and Tony Salame collection or frankly a website which doesn't work). Considering that Aishti represents every luxury brand you might think of, I think they have enough money to pay some IT guy to fix this. Unless of course, my fashion sense is correct and this is their new fall/winter collection sneak peek!
And remember, you heard the fashion scoop first fron Beirut/NTSC "black is the new black" according to Aishti!

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