Monday, June 30, 2014

Imad Gebrayel's Madina: The city comes alive.

In a world where Escher meets Tim Burton and crosses-over with Naji Al Ali, comes Madina - the illustrative brainchild of Imad Gebrayel (whom you might remember from a certain other wesbite among other creative endeavours I was enamoured with!), and - so far - Madina (which translates into city) has covered Gaza, Jounieh, Dubai and Damascus. You can find Madina on facebook, and below is the project in the words of its originator:
"Who is "Madina"?
Madina cannot be defined by what’s between her legs for her existence today transcends the physical cast she once found herself trapped in. She is an outcome of social experiments, of lust and contradictions. She is all of us, and we all are ‘Madina’. Spawned from the Arab desert batting long dark eyelashes and stroking an even darker beard; Madina is the oriental schizophrenia bound by land’s tradition, an ardent fire that remains too weak to spark a revolution. 'Madina' is a creative writing and illustration project by Imad Gebrayel, adapted to English by Nisrine Najem."

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