Friday, May 30, 2014

Zaatar w Zeit goes tribal for the World Cup.

Now that the world cup is soon among us and that every other brand is dipping its marketing in the football medium (and every every other designer themed their clothing to coincide with what is going on), our local chain Zaatar w Zeit came up with the above ad which blends Lebanese people's tribal loyalty to their team.
You will see locals instead of the original teams with the way we pronounce them "Elmann" (Germans) Telyen (Italians) Braziliye (Brazilians) Espann (Spanish) Ingliz (English) and Argentiniye (Argentinians) instead of their official appellations.
The campaign is nice and mimics our affiliations and the way we behave daily. This being said, I still don't see anything as good as "Fattoush pas a mon pote" which was released for the previous edition of the World Cup!
Interesting fact, all the teams are males, in a previous edition of Beirut/NTSC there was a collision with Nassawiya feminist collective accusing me for being anti-feminist for liking an ad by Le Mall which invited men to bring their female counterparts to watch football and capitalized on women's ignorance in the topic. Where is Nassawiya now to protest the lack of female supporters in the Zaatar w Zeit ads?

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