Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chicks rule at Le Mall!....

As with everything else in Lebanon, all brands tend to jump on the bandwagon of whatever important event is happening (elections, etc...) The World Cup is no exception. And with every other outlet - restaurant, pub - hanging flags and organizing projections, and with every other ad having a football refernce in it, the result ends up with too many balls and too little stamina (pun intented).
Then a breeze of fresh air! Le Mall is organizing the games with the interntion of bringing the female element into the crowd: Bring her to the game. Obviously, for girls football is whatever their boyfriends or partners do when they are adjusting their mascara, applying night cream, or gossiping on the phone about the latest news with their own female friends (whose partners are naturally watching the game).
Le Mall, through playing on the cliches of what girls think about football is about to change the game. Using girls in the form of babyfoot players, the three most popular teams are described: For Brazil the misconception is that "Kaka" is seem as synonymous to a bad word when he is one of their most important players, for Italy it is the ridicule that these guys - whereas handsome - are there to play and win, and for Germany the "mannschaft" - which means team in German - is equated to the word "mannschafe" or towel.
JWT produces a gem of art direction and copywriting most needed when all other ads are copycats!
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