Friday, May 16, 2014

Sterling Cooper & Partners advertises itself. Almost.

Those of you (more like those of us!) following Mad Men will be delighted to see this campaign - no, not signed Sterling Cooper & Partners - but rather The Martin Agency promoting the show's bid to the Emmy Awards. The campaign works in such a way that the protagonists of the series act as if they are promoting a brand when in truth they are promoting the reasons why they should get the award. It is sad Jon Hamm (Don Draper himself) got stuck with a lousy product (sunglasses! when obviously an alcohol brand would have been much more fitting and true to character). But on the whole, the campaign is a delight - on the bright side - you can also present this to advertising award ceremonies should the Emmy bid fail. After all advertising is notorious in recycling pitches and ideas from one gig to the next. Don Draper would have been proud! Or could this be a hint as to where Don is heading in the future and by the end of the two-part final season?
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