Friday, May 16, 2014

Lebanese Forces and the presidential ads.

In Lebanon, there's a quorum required of Members of Parliament to convene in order to elect a president. What's with the head of the executive committee of the Lebanese Force being nominated for presidency on behalf of the March 14th coalition, and with the March 8th not attending the parliamentary electoral sessions, the Lebanese Forces came out with these ads:
"Ta3til el nissab nasb" - It is a racket not insure the quorum
"El awi byinzal 3al jalse" - the strong one is the one who attends the session.
There's already jokes galore over the internet as to the previous deeds of the Lebanese Forces when it comes to "racket" acts (such as confiscating bread from citizens and the like). But this would not be the first time the Lebanese Forces issue ads which can easily be hijacked...

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