Saturday, May 10, 2014

Did Elie Saab just dress a drag queen?

Image source here.

Did Lebanese designer Elie Saab just dress Conchita Wurst - the drag queen who is Austria's contestant in tonight's Eurovision? Well, I have no way to certify my claim, but looking at the dress it is certainly inspired by Saab's style. And hey, what's wrong with that? The fashion industry is quite open-minded in terms of its clientele, and its no secret that it is LGBT friendly, and even some of the things that happen in fashion circles (I am not accusing anyone, and it's hearsay you honor) are quite outré by nature (the movie Pret a Porter by Robert Altman is a wonderful pastiche). Besides, Wurst's song (who is the alter ego of Tom Neuwirth) is called "Rise Like a Phoenix" - and the Phoenix legend stems from the land that is known today as Lebanon. Need any further proof on the theory? Conchita Wurst could actually be wearing an Elie Saab gown for the Eurovision! Let's all cheer her her out of patriotism.

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