Monday, May 12, 2014

Dekenet el Balad - where everything is for sale.

Finally, there's the shopping destination all Lebanese needed. A one-stop-shop where everything can be bought, all in ONE place and from the convenience of your cell phone (otherwise known as breathing machine). Below as the offers which Dekanet el Balad (basically "the cornershop of the country") has to offer:
How about the latest techniques of zeroing the electricity meters in your home. How cool is that be not to pay the generator bill AND the electricity bill (techniques for avoiding the generator are being developed as I write this I am sure so much Dekenet el Balad has its pulse on the Lebanese market).
Permits for 'tinted" windows for cars (Mind you I have previously covered the origin of the expression is the word "fumee" - or "smoked/tinted") and so the verb was "arabized" into "tefyim". So the ad above sells "tefyim" for cars (half or fully) and even seeks to recruit a "m3allim tefyim" (if you know anyone just call Dekenet el Balad please).
"Brevet degrees" at discount prices. And - get this - with every 2 "brevet" degrees you get a full "Baccalaureat" for free. I mean, I have two nephews, and I should start "investing" in their education, isn't this the perfect solution? Naturally, the degrees are "authenticated" from the concerned ministries.
And how about the perfect gift for the 18 year old, "a driving permit with no test". Well, I mean why bother with all these instructions when one knows how to drive anyhow.
"Law change according to needs" but this - understandably - is for a "limited time only".
So all of this in store, and I am sure more, why not call 76808080 and inquire for the offer that suits you as a Lebanese?
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