Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Alamassukari.com - pointless and even misinformative.

As someone who has been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes last year, it was truly with great interest and anticipation that I learned about Alamassukari.com a website dedicated to the disease by an NGO called Medic-Info. I am doing to spare you that the ad is, to begin with, medically misleading - "You have diabetes? I have the solution" - sorry people - that's an erroneous headline which is scientifically wrong - you don't have "the solution", you have "advice" but certainly not the solution (which implies "cure").
Anyhow, the same misleading titles are used all over the barely functional website, "what are the benefits of honey?" (yes, the "benefits" of honey in a website dedicated to inform and educate about diabetes). Naturally, honey, in this context has zero benefits. Oh and did you know that kissing uses 34 muscles in your face? This info is of course primordial for anyone diagnosed with diabetes. And in the section called "without sugar" we have a super informative article about how "germs protect from asthma" which is a must-know for people trying to keep their sugar levels in the norm. Oh, and here's some food for thought "slim people die earlier" - this in a website where fat is known to affect diabetes negatively.
Try as I might to make sense of this useless website, I find it sad so much money and effort were used to deploy such a mediocre product online.
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