Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dear Hallab, stop the Douaihy silliness

How can a nice ad be bad? Follow this logic - "mish ma3mooooul chou tayyeb" - a small play of words from Abdul Rahman Hallab sweets on the word "ma3moul" which is the traditional Easter sweet, and "ma32oul" which means "incredible" so the gimmick is "how incredible/ma3moul this tastes".
Fine - cute - and shooting yourself in the foot.
Whereas the sweet rivalry of last  year was fun (at the beginning at least), the last thing someone as prestigious, classy, and well-established as Abdul Rahman Hallab needs is some puns which really do not go along with its original brand feels.
Gentlemen, leave that to Douaihy which has gone cheapo now with its "7elou" (which is being plastered left and right), and focus on your own intrinsic heritage.
Some things separate the men from the boys - please refrain from playing silly catch up games with kids.

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