Saturday, March 29, 2014

Silkor copycats Easy A (UPDATED)

Original research: Joe Prince (via D.B.)

The opening of the Silkor shop in Saida (silkor specializes in body hair removal) marks no new milestone - just a copycat ad from the poster of Easy A (with Emma Stone) complete with the lip-bite. So there ladies and gentlemen, we are incapable of doing an ad fresh by ourselves.

Over Facebook, the following conversation took place:
Silkor said:
"Hi Tarek, thanks for bringing our attention to this blog We do know that it is from the movie poster, we are taking the concept of the idea so people can do the link between our ads and the poster, to make it more fun! Thanks again for the eye opener."
To which I replied:
"Of course YOU know it's from the poster, but the public does not - it thinks it is a creative idea you came up with on your own. If you wanted the link to be done with the movie, then why isn't the line saying something like "Easy Peel" for example?"
"We know that our marketing department tries to be original, however we do appreciate the critique, it gave us a different perspective!
We will definitely work in a different light now! But mind you, we do want people to do the link, and visually is stronger that verbally.. don't you agree?"
"No I don't, it simply looks as if you stole the visual. Plain and simple.

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