Monday, March 17, 2014

China now cares about 239 measly lives!

Tiananmen square graffiti by Captain Borderline based on the famous Tiananmen Square protester who blocked a full file of tanks in 1989.

Sorry if the title of this post is demeaning or harsh, but a recent editorial in the Xinhua - the official mouthpiece of the Chinese regime regarding the MH370 plane disappearance which is trending all over the news networks actually headlines with this: "The fate of 239 lives tolerates no dereliction or selfishness."
Such words, coming from a regime which has brutally repressed its people - and the people of other nations - with death tolls by the millions (the figure is realistic) when one counts all modern-day insurgencies, upheavals, protests.... The Tiananmen Square massacre alone has a very conservative estimate of hundreds and a more realistic one of thousands of dead people.
And now China seems to think that when it comes to the life of 239 people whose fate is currently unknown and who vanished alongside the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 "No excuse stands before the fate of the 239 people for any party to slack its duty, spare any efforts or withhold any helpful information for whatever reason. The stake of 239 lives is just way too high."
Interestingly, 239 people were never really any obstacle in front of killing, liquidating, cleansing, or whatever usual technical word the Chinese regime would normally imply when it actually massacres 239 people.
The above images are taken from the POPaganda series with Fady Chahine.
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