Monday, September 19, 2011

POPaganda series with Fady Chahine

Beirut/NTSC releases a series of posters masterminded by myself and executed by the incomparable (and I measure my words) Fady Chahine...
What happens when propaganda meets beverage advertising with a twist? Margarita Tatcher becomes an alcoholic drink, Chay Guevara becomes tea with Lemon and Robesbiere is a “beer to make your head flip” – here’s a fresh outlook on dictators and regimes.

In order of appearance here they are:
Ban Laden: Ban in Arabic means “coffee” so the promise of “Coffee Laden” is “with every sip a tower will flip”.
Chai Guevara: Chai is tea in Arabic, and apparently it “stimulates blood outburst”.
Lait Nine: Lait is French for milk, so apparently this particular brand “makes you immune to the system”.
Mangoebbels: A mango drink which gives you enough energy “to help you dominate the race”.
MaoZe Dong: Maoze means Banana, so for this banana juice we promise “it fits perfectly in your mouth and elsewhere”.
Margarita Tatcher: An alcoholic drink rich in “iron and privatized minerals”.
NiCOLAe Ceausescu: A soft drink unlike any other for the times when you “want to rule the world”.
Pepermintifada: Intifada 3.0 as it ought to be – comes inbuilt with corporate sponsors.
Red Book: Unlike its energy drink counterpart this one “clips your wings” (especially in front of tanks).
Robesbiere: A beer to make you “lose your head”.

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