Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Beirut/NTSC in the BMW Isetta

As part of the Kehde classic car collection, Beirut/NTSC had the choice of hopping into any of the gems displayed at the shop. But me being me, my pick was the BMW Isetta - the "bubble car" (called so because of its ovoid shape) and precursor to all small-sized cars such as today's Smart. Spacey on the inside, quirky on the outside, and with room for luggage (no I am not talking about my backpack shown in the photo but rather more practical stuff to be stored in the back), it comes with red and white pop colors - and it is easily parked on any congested street in Beirut. Now that's the car for Beirut/NTSC!

PS: Many thanks for Fady for enhancing the images.

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