Saturday, January 25, 2014

Women cannot eat Hardee's Caesar Angus Thickburger

There, it's official. It's a burger for men. For males. For those equipped with a tool in the front. Women? Sorry, this burger is not for you. You cannot order it, you cannot consume it, and it is a serious offence to stand in the same line as the men who are relishing in consuming it. Why? I am not inventing anything, I am just reading the above TV Commercial above.
The interpretation is not even ambiguous - in order to illustrate their message "Live like a Caesar" Hardee's simply had to transform the women in the office, who probably have MBAs or something and who must have gone through grilling interviews (no pun as to grilling!) to get the posts they have into mere servants for Caesar. In the process they dumb themselves down trying to please him - not just "in Roman times" but also in the last shot in today's corporate world.
Sigh, one step forward, twenty steps back!
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