Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wooden Bakery: Trick or Atayef?

Remember the local confusion between Halloween and St. Barbara? Wooden Bakery just added some fuel to the fire... What's a pumpkin (known Halloween symbol) has to do with "hechle Berbara el 2am7 bel mghara" (the song children sing as they go from door to door dressed in their attires "berbara is running away, and the wheat is in the cave")... And well, if you are not Lebanese you wouldn't understand that Atayef is the traditional sweet which is offered on the occasion.
Fun fact, there are so many versions of the song depending on where one comes from: Bissiye Berbara, Hechle Berbara, Chahle Berbara ta ma tfoutic el ziara, etc... Some of them end in a rather impolite way if the woman of the house did not compensate the kids adequately...

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