Saturday, November 16, 2013

The errors WILL increase the value of the 50,000 bill!

Unfortunately, Riad Salameh, our superhero governor of the Central Bank is right. The error(s) on the new 50,000 LBP will make it a collectible!... I am not defending the ugly bill or the error, but this will send its value skyrocketing through the roof among collectors.
Don't believe me? Ebay has hole page devoted to them, And especially in stamps, errors make them much more worthy (the Queen Victoria "inverted head" stamp is a very sought after collectors piece).


Anonymous said...

All depends on how many of them there is going to be. If there is a lot, which I am presuming, then value will not change that much. Stamp errors are usually very rare. They are usually caught at the press and destroyed.
However approved the bill should be fired. I am assuming the printing company had an OK from someone locally.
Hopefully Riad Salameh has a better plan for the economy.

M.II said...

Ze7a 3an dahro w bassita :) maskharat el kadar

Tarek Chemaly said...

Harb al akharin 3ala ardina.
It's ALWAYS someone else's fault.