Sunday, December 1, 2013

Living in the great outdoors.

 Christmas ads have started to trickle in the market as seen with this Khoury home sample... Fake it till you make it? Not so! As the ad says "the days of pretending are gone!" because the stuff you can find at Khoury Home are amazing!
 A belated independence ad from Laundry Spa (what kind of a name is that?) which suggests that the only time colors should be separated is while doing the laundry (mind you colors in this case refers to the political colors which have been appropriated by different currents and parties in Lebanon). A good one, but I still do not like their name or their self-referral as laundry!
 Nesquik hits a jackpot here... "Chareb" means both - "mustache" and "has drunk" - so the people in the ad (including women naturally) all have "mustaches" because they "have drunk" power, energy, etc...
The syndicate of tyre importers and agents in Lebanon ends up with a hit. Lebanese expression goes that, when someone is going somewhere and asks "do you want anything?" the polite reply is "noo, just your safety"... And this is what these guys are saying! "Badna salemtak" (we just want your safety)... Good one.
And what's a week in Lebanon without the umpteenth commemoration of someone who died. This time it is president Rene Mouawad - the slogan they picked "we and moderation are the majority" which is actually based on a song "Sayyidi el Ra2is" (Mr President) by Majida el Roumi as written by Habib Younes and Henri Zougheib which originally goes "fa nahn was ardana wal hak akthariyya" (for we, and our land, and right are a majority). The booboo here is that this song has been "appropriated" by the offiicial Syrian TV as a song pro-president Assad even if it was never intended as such from either the writers or the singer.
"Behind every cold winter a sandwich to warm it up" - a reminder from Picon about their melting blocks prior to winter.
And here comes Touch one of our cell phone providers putting a positive spin on the lyrics of REM (from
the song Daysleeper) "I'm the screen, the blinding light I'm the screen, I work at night" - except in the case of Touch "call us, we're enjoying a late night" (for their 24/7 customer service).
I couldn't get this one outdoors so I took the above the Silkor facebook page. Well-manicured hands stacking up in the form of a tree - nice, clean, smart and effective!
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