Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lebanese women: Call 112, then call 140.

There are currently, not one - but TWO - different campaigns running which aim at defending beaten or threatened women. One cannot but be very enthusiastic about this. But this being said, I never understood the difference between ABAAD and Kafa - for me they are the typical "I want to work on my own instead of pooling resources and achieving synergistic results with someone else who have the same target as myself"... 
On all accounts, the ABAAD campaign is about "God help her, doesn't help her much". So yes, lamenting a woman's case (who is beaten) is not of practical effect. Now, Kafa aims to highlight their partnership with the Internal Security Forces (ISF) and invite threatened women to call 112 on such occasions. Sadly, and very much so, we live in a very oriental society whereby the ISF memebers themselves are also part of a chauvinistic culture just like anyone else. Will a woman's call to 112 be taken seriously? Will the ISF be complicit with the woman or the man? And worse, what if the man in question is notified, which would make him even more violent which would require 140 and not 112 (140 is the immediate number for the Red Cross)?
I wish to be optimistic, but then one better be safe than sorry, and in this case it implies calling 140 after calling 112.
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