Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Chayeb Bakery - c'est complique de faire simple

The above Chayeb Bakery ad is a tale of deceptive simple beauty.  Before you start the backlash, yes, I agree - you won't win awards with this at Cannes. But maybe, just maybe, this ad has enough humbleness in it to strike exactly where it should resonate: Not the Cannes Jury but rather its desired target audience.
Case in point - me. Well, Chayeb is simply known for one specialty product: Whole wheat bread. And the reason I even came to know about it, is because of my diabetic condition, the name Chayeb is widely circulated as being a very good alternative to white bread.
So, when someone is "forced" to consume a specialty product, the last thing they want is one that is not tasty, done carelessly, and which does not have "them" as primary targets. Which makes the above ad resonate even more - the act of baking as depicted in the ad and the voice over is so intimate and personal, it makes it look as if every loaf was done with me in mind.
"Kill el am7a kill el so7a" says the slogan - all the wheat (grain) all the health.
Simple (deceptively so), pierces the brand to its core, and eloquent.
Now the problem is - since I have been diagnosed with diabetes I have come to replace bread (all kinds) with multi cereal toast... But with an ad like this, I might just switch back.

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