Friday, October 18, 2013

A##es in town - "Tizi"ng but not revealing

Well, I saw this coming from a mile. The new play by Samy Khayath is called in French "taisez-vous" (oh shut up!) but in Arabic the way it is written (tizi vous) means "you a##es!" (tizi is "my a##"). Note that Kayath plated the same card before with his show "mine de rien" - "casually" - which written in Arabic means "and who the hell knows!"
Here's the proof:
Now, one could this of this as a one-off incident. Until this ad from Fitness Zone pops up in front of you:
Oh isn't it lovely when the censorship goes ballistic for a silly detail in a play or when there is supposed profanity in the script, but these two examples get displayed publicly (the Fitness Zone is on the streets and Khayath is all over the place with his poster) for the whole world to see your "Gluteus Maximus"? (Sarcasm included of course in tone of voice). Well, I guess that makes a##es out of the censors....
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