Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Jammal Trust Bank speaks our language(s) - UPDATED

All right, I am impressed here. In a major exercise of copy-based advertising (a rarity in the region these days), Jammal Trust bank who delighted us previously with a staggering corporate campaign, even if the follow up was so-so for the tacticals, seriously got its mojo back for this new campaign.
Capitalizing on their "we speak your language" selling line, the campaign is based on how the same object is referred to in 3 different ways in Lebanese dialect. OK, I admit - some work better than others (who on earth calls his house "manzil" apart from Literary Arabic and dubbed soap operas from Mexico, China or Turkey)... Ex, it would easily be replaceable by something like furniture: 3afsh, Atheth, Mobilia or Farsh (عفش اثاث موبيليا او فرش). Still, with copy-based campaigns being so far and in between, I give it top marks!

Update: Following a complaint that I have been partial in my assessment of this campaign, please find HERE a link to the HSBC campaign that Zein said that the above Jammal Trust Bank is based on. I still think the campaign is exceptional copy wise, but I shall leave it to your discretion to say if the above is a replica of HSBC even if personally (despite thinking of the reference), I (still) think it is not.
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