Tuesday, April 17, 2012

From A to Z(wan)

Bank of Beirut is trumpeting the fact that it is in Australia, it took me a long time to undestand that this is the Sydney opera house dressed in a Lebanese flag... Really, it took me forever! But then I to flip my head and view it "down under" and it all made sense.

 If you can afford instlments of 755 USD per month, either 1) you are your father's son and do not need to work (and therefore have no boss) or 2) you already are the big boss... So no one is going to give you any parking space - get real!
Ah those positionings of products! For a long time now Coffee mate is being positioned as the ubiquitous partner in crime for Nescafe. In the absence of any serious competitors probably this is working. "Coffee? Do not forget the coffe mate" - last time I opened mine it did not contain a beautiful woman though!
Meet the MaDTrix reloaded... The jeans that can make you do anything, anywhere, in futurististic landscapes - Neo will be jealous, all he had were those leather trousers!
So this is the umpteenth time someone uses "naturally" to indicate something healthy and to indicate of how obvious something is. "Naturally", this is corny and I cannot take it anymore! And I don't even care what the brand is. Stop the rubbish!

Like shou hal ad hayda! Like means "oh see" and the rest "how cool Hardee's is"... on Facebook no less and win stuff... But the ad is good - for once someone found an interesting gimmick related to facebook.
 Jammal trust bank continues with its so-so tactical campaign that does not manage to get the mojo of the corporate back.... "when there's a will, there's a way" - says this ad - so how come there is no will to create a good following for a brilliant initial campaign?
Kunhadi are back - have they ever left? - and this time about reflective signalings on the road "even if you know the road by heart (in Arabic - blindfolded), it's still your right to see it."
Manchette claims it is the first "current affairs" magazine in Arabic. I won't argue as the definition of "current affairs" is... vague! The line says "the latest news, from the beginning" which is livable with.
Zwan claiims that "from one generation to the next, the Lebanese have returned the favor" - presumbaly for getting "elected" (mind you, it's paid for!) product of the year (in what? the easy-open luncheon meat category?)... But self-delusion is so easy....
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