Friday, August 30, 2013

Time out.... London?

One can put it sarcastically as the book above...
Or very very nastily as George Michael did in the "Shoot the dog" video.
But it seems the British MPs have actually chastised a Prime Minister who thought that - just like him - 10 years after Iraq no one learned anything. Yo, Cameron!
Meanwhile, in other more pressing British diplomatic news (as retweeted by the concerned party):

As a side note, now that the Brits have been dumped, the US is replacing them with the French in a cruel twist of face following 2003 where it was the French who said no to the Iraqi intervention so much that the French fries were renamed "freedom fries".
For the anecdote, when the French ambassador to the US was asked his opinion about the renaming, he wittily replied "no problem, because to begin with, French fries come from Belgium".

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