Saturday, August 31, 2013

Jean qui grogne est John Kerry

Being in a region where, like Sisyphus, we are condemned to rebuild everything over and over again, one has to try to take it lightly and look where the humor is. Which is why it is my pleasure to introduce to you the above caricature - "Jean qui grogne est John Kerry" based on Comtesse de Segur's children's book "Jean qui grogne et Jean qui rit" (do not that phonetically "et Jean qui rit" is very close to "est John Kerry"). The original title means "John who frowns and John who laughs" my own means "John who frowns is John Kerry" (also do note that "nouvelle bibiotheque rose" is now "nouvelle attaque noire" and Comtesse de Segur is Comtesse de Damas).
John Kerry therefore will go down in history as the man who waged a war on Bashar el Assad after having had dinner with him (accompanied by their wives), just like Donald Rumsfeld is the man who called Saddam Hussein every name in the book after previously being photographed in a heartwarming encounter with him.
Jean qui grogne indeed!

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