Sunday, August 11, 2013

Kilana - both are great!

Whereas Beirut/NTSC is usually focused on media output from Lebanon, this one proved too tempting not to mention. Let's be honest, "creative" work coming from the region is often the result of uneducated (and stubborn) clients, servile paper-pushing client servicing in advertising agencies and mostly creative has-beens who traded fresh ideas for fat salaries (I am not saying there are no good ones!). Which is why it is truly refreshing to find this logo (and naming) for "Kilana" - the Prince Fahd bin Salman Charity Association for Renal Failure Patients Care.
First let's start with the super-name: Kilana means "our kidneys" (OK, fitting for an association which cares for renal failure patients) but... Get this: Kilana also means "the both of us" or "the two of us". So it's not just about the lungs, it's also about the support, care and affection to surround the patient (and presumably his/her family).
And the logo? It's simple, not-overdone, capitalizes on the "both of us" (through the heart shape) all while indicating the kidney (look at the bean element in it) - and does all of this without being tacky.
Seriously, to find such a work which has gone through a client, a client servicing and a creative and that was not destroyed or beaten to death to become bland and "incolore/inodore" (no color, no smell) is itself pretty amazing for the region! And for the name and the logo to be so classy, smart yet minimalist... Oh well, this is the exception that proves the rule I guess.
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