Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A mixed bag.

There's "navy blue", "petrol blue", "Gitanes blue"... and course, "smurf blue"... the color of this sundae from McDonald's which... you guessed it... will "blue your mind away".
La Libanaise des Jeux came up with this - probably it has been for a while now. The aim is to sell those "scratch cards", so they based the ad on the "el hake mich metl el chawfe" (talking about it pales in comparison to seeing it), except they flipped it to become "el chawfe mich metl el hakKe" (to see is nothing compared to scratching - by adding a small "chadde" (which is emphasis) the word hake (talk) became (hakke) scratch)... Smart move... Gives me an itch! :)
"Buy Bajaj and forget the garage". Need it say... anything? Bah... Too corny to improve upon, too kitschy to ignore...
Lebanon24 - "the news faithfully and without falsification" (even closer in Arabic "al khabar bil harf wa bila tahrif"). A laudable effort in a world full of news outlets which have monopolized word plays. So if this one was not taken yet, good for them noticing it.
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