Saturday, August 3, 2013

Al Massira - حيث لا يكتب الآخرون

Quite recently Beirut/NTSC reviewed the Al Massira advertising for its comeback. It is interesting from an institution known for its very catchy slogans (the Lebanese Forces) that they produced this ad for the official launch:
"What others dare not write". Which is "close but no cigar". Sure it denotes the magazine as different, investigative, pushy, honest, truthful, and disturbing the status quo. Just like everyone else!
What they should have used is the famous line for the Special Units (Sadem forces) "hayth la yajro2 al akharoun" حيث لا يجرؤ الآخرون (where others dare not) and twisted it into "hayth la yaktoub al akharoun" حيث لا يكتب الاخرون (where other dare not write) - sure it is does not make sense as a sentence, but it is too creative to be ignored.
The original slogan was epitomized by that cooler-than-thou TV spot which used to be aired on LBC showing the Special Units doing those incredible feats (a la Nikita) and sending any teenager's testosterone sky high. A close approximation can be found on this image here.

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