Thursday, May 30, 2013

Linabka wa (na)S(t)AMIR

Al Massira, the mouthpiece of the Lebanese Forces is going to be back with that unforgettable slogan "li nabka wa nastamir (to remain and persevere) which Fadi Chahine and myself spoofed in our book "Badna N2awem el Me2teye" as "li nabka wa nastabid" (to remain and become tirans).
As a side note, the ad Al Massira is running on its website is even more interesting that the above. "Until the last drop of ink" (as opposed to blood)....

And speaking of (na)S(t)AMIR Geagea, here's the guy himself (the head of the executive committee of the Lebanese Forces) - in all his unphotogenic persona - in huge billboards around town bought by "Ibrahim Sakr" (a man who surely wants to be on the Lebanese Forces candidate list for this year's Parliamentary elections - if they ever take place). "Do not ask who protects the Christians, heaven and earth will answer it is the "hakim"" (Hakim means doctor, but Geagea never graduated from AUB, which makes him according to celebrated journalist Robert Fisk makes him a graduate of the Lebanese Force press release machine).
Do note that Sakr has done the sucking up before which is best exemplified here.

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