Saturday, November 17, 2012

I see dead people (again).

 So it's that season again! The commemoration season for the dead people. We start with Major Genral Francois el Hajj, this was on a building in achrafieh (covering several floors) right on Sassine square....
... sitting right opposite to Wissam el Hassan, our recently disposed of head of security (also on Sassine square albeit at the entrance of the street where the explosion happened which took Hassan's life and several other people).
 And... Elections season is a kick off with the commemoration of Pierre Gemayel, for the sixth commemoration of his death. "Whenever Lebanon is in danger... We shall be present." Naturally, it does pay off to stir feeling of fear among right wingers. Not convinced? Try this for size:
A certain Ibrahim Sakr (a businessman he dubs himself) is plastering these billboards on the predominantly Christian areas north of Beirut, with "the people want shoot down the criminal acts" (it's a word play on "a cha3b yourid iskat al nizam" - people want the system down - only he changed it to "ijram" instead of "nizam"). It comes branded with the logo of the Lebanese Forces - a right wing political party which was also a major militia during the war. And the Kalashnikov trigger? Most likely it comes from Monsieur Sakr's own arm which is left from his fighting days (we can safely say he is "trigger-happy). Expect his name on the electoral ballot next year people - take it from me! 
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