Monday, May 27, 2013

Tfeh? 3layna! (I spit... on us)

So Blog Baladi linked to a youtube video showing a small girl in Bab el Tebaneh shooting on Jabal Mohsen and titled the post: Tfeh...
Tfeh means "I spit on you"... Well, as you shall see below, "tfeh, 3layna" is more appropriate - "I spit on us".
I am in no way defending this horrible act... But perhaps if we go back to the archives, we would find it is a "logical" (Illogical?) continuation of everything that was done in the past. The photos below clearly show that children were part of our famous war. Unfortunately, since the photos were not gathered for 'scientific purposes" I do not have their internet links or their appropriate sources. But still they were taken from archival material and sadly they are real. I also tried to show that the practice was rampant among ALL sides of the belligerents.

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