Wednesday, February 27, 2013

When all else fails, use breakfast

It's tricky to put a foot in the Lebanese market for some brands. After all, for years now the market has been "taken" - this improves your child's bones, that enhances his mental abilities, whatever increases his creativity, and what not makes him or her more astute.... So with Puck being a newcomer in the market, it has gone so many other brands to beat - direct easy-spread cheeses like Kiri and Picon, and even distant relatives even Poppins corn Flakes - this last one having played the breakfast card previously itself with a previous line "atyab terwi2a" (the most delicious breakfast. So it is not wonder Puck chose that same route in an already saturated market. "A minute-breakfast and you're ready for anything".... Except beating a very stiff competition!
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