Monday, February 25, 2013

The sugar PLUM fairy visits Beirut

"Moving in circles from one PLUM to another I lose myself again and again and I find myself not very far in a field of PLUMS. Moving myself again and again with a PLUM again and again in another place in another time in the same city but in another street around the corner and I always find myself with a PLUM. How strange and beautiful. I love moving, jumping and bouncing even if to a short distance, a walk or a wink away.  I love moving. What saddens me is leaving the people I love behind so I try to bring everyone I know with me in a drawing, in a story, in a puzzle, in a song, everything does the trick. What do I do with myself now that I am elsewhere? I guess I just have to wait for you to follow me to start another place for us to continue playing. Will you come play with me?"
The above is the parting note of PLUM Kidstore which has move from Saifi Village... I love it, so poetic, melancholic but upbeat, whomever wrote this piece of urban poetry has my deepest respect, and as to the title, it reminded me of late singer Pierre Bachelet's album "Quelque part, c'est toujours ailleurs" (Somewhere, it's always somewhere else).

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