Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Exotica: get real!

Every year at this point Exotica launches a hybrid campaign - with no festivity to coincide with this time, they just dress it up in an occasional sauce, sometimes it's back to school, sometimes it's a fall campaign. Now they've gone for an anticipated Valentine's day.
Trying to promote their online delivery, they recommend the whole internet-savvy generation (working on a limited budget already to remain connected all the time between their smart phones, their technical gizmos without forgetting paying your internet cell phone subscription) to skip (the now defunkt) facebook gifts, chat emoticons, and whatever else online craze is currently de jour to visually express love from one person to another.
Instead they should sway their partners by sending flowers via the online arm insuring "joy forever" for $250 (what could amount for a serious down payment at a jeweller for a nice ring). Oddly I saw this photo on the net, and it sort of sparked comparisons on my mind:
The description of the service (which is a facebook app) is as follows:
"If sending virtual gifts like hearts, flowers and smiles on Facebook isn't your bag, you can send the real deal via RealGifts, a Facebook app that allows you to purchase real items and send them to your Facebook friends. Real gifts appear in Facebook's Gift shop and can be purchased through the Facebook credit system (10 credits = $1)."
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