Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Exotica and Ksara: Break an egg and don't wine...

 Exotica ad: Courtesy ArabAd archive
Ksara ad courtesy Assaleh Era

The Exotica ad (how eggciting!) dates back to the late 80s, whereas the Ksara at is from the 70s. Sure, you might say that such ads do not make brands, but to be honest I'll have my wine riding its bicycle rather than having it dipped - like any other wine and therefore making it completely indistinguishable from its competitors - in earth tones and burgundy colors. As for Exotica, need I say more? I'll have this ad any day as opposed to what is being generated now. Oh and did you notice that this was the time where Exotica had "baydat" (that's eggs and balls in Arabic - same word) to actually speak with Christian symbols around Christian holidays instead of diluting the whole thing in a very let's-not-alienate-our-shopper-in-Verdun way?
I think as time progresses, a formulatic equation gets to a brand (Almaza is the worst example) making the ads in themselves so close to each other that one barely notices the diffrence. I don't mind having "grids" in ads, it's the platitude of the content that gets to me. We have come to a time where too much strategizing (and bad one at that) is making all brands from the same sector look alike (Among the wines, only Ixsir managed to break free).
Maybe it's about time we hailed back guerilla marketing and unorthodox methods (without having the Cannes Lions in mind) - for the sake of the brands, for the sake of the fun, for the sake of the viewers, not for the sake of the awards or for the sake of the client or for the sake of the money.
And so that was where I stand today!
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