Thursday, June 14, 2012

USEK - the graduates June 2012 (1)

Sorry about the quality of the images, these are not the original layouts but rather photos I have taken from the projects)... And so here they are - this year's graduates with samples of their projects and their selling lines/positioning.... Please note this is NOT a comprehensive list as due to technical reasons and copyright conflicts some projects have not been included in this list.
Clara Zgheib
Project: New faculty at USEK teaching crafts
Selling line: Ma3llem met3allem (or "crafted craftsman).
Mira Wehbe
Project: Fair & neuf (garage barter)
Selling line: For fair enough exchanges
 Sharbel Abou Jresh
Project: Jounieh city
Selling line: Bhebba bi Jnounieh (Jnoun is madeness so the headline means "I love Jounieh Madly")
Yara Boulos
Project: Maroun el Nakkash theatre
Selling line: Shahed 3ayan (or "eye witness")

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