Thursday, June 14, 2012

USEK - Carel Adem top of the class!

Saving the best for last among the graduates, here is the project of Carel Adem who scored top of the class!... I know it seems I am always bubbly and excited about students' projects, but this one is so out of bounds on all aspects.
First let me tell you that Carel came up with her own clothing line based on mixing car parts with high fashion, all the clothes you see in the photos were designed and executed for this project. As for the name "retroviseur" (or "hind mirror") embodies the theme of cars so well, so much that her selling line "style plus proche qu'il ne le parait" (style closer than it appears is a word play on what is written on all side mirrors).
Then comes the flawless supremely executed art direction and photography... The last time I saw images so well done, it was in iD magazine, or The Face or other sleek and trendy fashion magazines.
The locations, props colors and casting are so impeccable, and yet they do not hide the clothes but rather put them into a better perspective. For all of these reasons and more, Carel deserves top of the class among the current USEK graduates of the advertising field.
Watch out market, here's a talent "plus proche qu'il ne le parait"...


Reem Al Assal said...

amazing photography amazing! bravo.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Great work, good to see some talent going out to the market, I hope she doesn't get the market's plague :)