Thursday, May 10, 2012

The unbearable LIGHTness of being... Almaza

What can be said?... It's the new 38% less calorie Almaza Light. Fine, understood. Now can anyone explain to me the above? I am seeing the light (... at the end of the end of the tunnel and it turns out to be the train)? Light sent me a friend request (thank Goodness I am not on facebook!), and it's light, it's Almaza, it's summer (and it's also stupid and meangless). And of course the stapled paper at the bottom of the ad with their "hayda jawna, hayda nehna" selling line (this is our mood, this is who we are) is the required beach reading for the summer for the glitterati who anyway are too posh to be able to read Arabic.
Just a hint, why not have gone with "no more beer bellies" or "fits every swimsuit" or perhaps spoof other soda ads such as "Just for the taste of it" (Diet Coca-Cola) and "Now you see it now you don't" (Diet Pepsi) and imitate their layouts while making fun of them!....
Now for some very good beer ads, please try this for sighs.... :)
Stella Artois - Reassuringly expensive
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