Monday, May 7, 2012

Alfa Blackberry 1,9 USD a week - as seen by USEK students

Rola Assaad

Serge Mikhael
USEK students in the Esquisse class were given the brief to rework the Alfa Blackberry campaign, among the standouts in the concepts were Rola Assaad who played the "haBB @ 1,9 USD" (Habibi is my love and BB is blackberry - she even tried to do the BB in the shape of hearts) and the word play "Jama'a @ 1.9 USD" which jama'a (gathering) being very close to jema'a (week).
As for Serge Mikhael he spoofed the ads of Clorets and twisted them head over heels, therefore making them immediately recognizable but with a twist!...
Note that esquisse means sketch hence the fact that ads are raw and not retouched or photoshopped or whatever. If you wish to support these students feel free to circulate this!

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